First Voices Journal

American Indian Moses


In 1975 a small but mighty book was published.  There were only several hundred copies printed at that time.  Those close to the author of the book held on tightly to their copies since it was out of print before it could gain the audience it deserved.  The book I am referring to is “American Indian Moses.” 

We will backtrack for a moment to the late 1950’s; would-be-author Timothy Dom Bucci is speaking to me of the great promises in God’s plan for the Native Peoples of the Americas.  I distinctly remember him talking at great length concerning the divine origin of the Translated Ancient American Writings commonly known as the Book of Mormon.  As I grew older his encouraging words and the example he set in his life as a disciple of Jesus Christ left a great impression on me. 

The culmination of his life dedicated to such a beautiful cause was brought forth in the initial printing of this book.  Timothy D. Bucci’s calling as a messenger, to spread the news of the brilliant future of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, was brought to paper and ink in the form of “American Indian Moses.”  Almost thirty years after the first printing a newly updated version is now available to all lovers of truth who desire to understand one of God’s great unalterable truths. 

Never in the history of the United States of America has there been a greater need for a concise composition concerning the future events, which we will be swept up into.  Never has there been a greater need for the light of Truth to dispel the spiritual heavy darkness that surrounds both the Native American and the citizens of this nation.  I have waited with great enthusiasm for the opportunity to share the information in this book with those who I believe will not only find merit in it, but comfort and hope as it looks to the great events of the near future for both American Indians and Israel.  And if not at first then maybe through the workings of the Great Spirit its truth will be confirmed.

Read this book thoughtfully and prayerfully because its topic is timely and relevant to each and every one of us and most importantly to the Native Peoples of North, Central and South America.  

George A. Kovacic, Eldest Grandson
Miami, Florida, December 2002